The Limits between Fiction and Reality in The Truman Show

Hello there!

This place has been abandoned for a really long time. I honestly feel awful about it. I had (and still have) numerous ideas to write about books, perhaps even movies, but I can’t seemingly find the time or the motivation. One can only hope I will actually do it – preferably sooner than later.

Just for the sake of publishing something, and since I already uploaded a literature essay to the blog anyway, I’m going to leave here my portion of a group essay we recently did for my “Cinema and Literature in the English Language” class. This is not the whole project, just the second part, which is the one I wrote. We chose to explore the topic of fiction and reality through four different movies (The Purple Rose of Cairo, The Truman Show, Matrix and Birdman) and literary references that deal with this dichotomy, how the lines that separate both concepts are sometimes blurred.

(Once more, I won’t take kindly if someone copies this and presents it as his/hers in a blatant act of disrespectfulness and plagiarism. I already warned you.)


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