Rise of the forgotten blog

This site has pretty much become the embodiment of the classic scene of a windy deserted landscape. It just lacks a tumbleweed to be perfect.

I thought I might do something with it while I write any more posts and/or edit old ones. Several weeks ago I had the idea of practicing my writing by developing the prompts provided by this – rather awesome – generator, being as close as posible to the premises: https://thestoryshack.com/tools/writing-prompt-generator/

So, I guess I’ll publish the results here, that way giving some purpose to the blog. See you soon, whoever you are!


Captain’s Log 01

Hello, hypothetical readers!   ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The idea of creating a blog has been going round inside my head for some time now,  despite my disastrous experience with these sites in the past. This is supposed to be a means to help me practise writing and share interesting information, as well as personal reviews, about literature and poetry (and probably also movies, history, and even music). I won’t lie: I am an utter disaster when it comes to updating, but I promise I will try to write here on a more or less regular basis.

First of all – English is not my mother tongue. However, I usually write and read in English, since that is what I study at university, so… this is the language I will use here, unless some day I feel particularly lazy and feel like writing in Spanish. I apologize in advance if you find any mistakes (it would be great if you point them out to me), although I usually re-read everything before uploading a post.

Also, as you can see in the sidebar I don’t authorize deliberate plagiarism of my writings. I don’t mind if you quote or share them, but only adding my name and specifying where the content came from. To be on the safe side, ask me so that I can give you permission.

So… welcome to my blog! I hope you all enjoy what is shared here and find it interesting. ✿