Fran Bow: Down the Rabbit Hole and into Hell

I’m back, with a serious itch to write nontstop and nothing better to do, so… here I present, to whom it may concern, a humble review of an indie horror game I recently completed and absolutely loved.

Fran Bow is an interactive graphic adventure created by Killmonday Games, a Swedish game studio founded in 2012 by Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson.

The game begins, and we are introduced to young and joyful Fran Bow Dagenhart, a girl of ten who loves her family. Through a series of black and white slides we see her happily at home with her parents and her aunt, and how they give her a beautiful black kitty called Mr Midnight who immediately becomes her best friend in the whole world. The story is sweet and endearing… then a ghostly demon-like skull appears on her window one night and everything goes downhill.


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